Dalgona Coffee (Whipped Coffee) -- is it worth it?


The new hype that's been circulating around Tik Tok has been what appears to be a super fluffy, specialty coffee called dalgona coffee. But how does dalgona coffee actually taste, and what does it take to make it? Our team at Coffee Break Menu went to work making this so you don't have to.

Here's the recipe below:

dalgona coffee recipe

As you're making the recipe, note that having an electric mixer really does help here. For other recipes, we've typically preferred hand whisking, but for this one, the peaks on the syrup won't start forming until about 40 minutes of hand whisking. We eventually switched over to the electric mixer, which got us to peaks in about 5 minutes.

My guess is that this has to deal with the natural liquid:sugar ratio in the mixture; however, while you'll be compelled to just add in more sugar, the mixture will end up too sweet if there's too much sugar.

You can see the difference between the consistency of the liquid after hand whisking for about 30 minutes in the first picture, whereas after a few minutes of the electric whisk, you can start to see some foam forming.

hand whiskingelectric whisk 

Another tip: we added some espresso to the milk in the drink at the end. Most recipes will call for straight milk at the bottom with the syrup-y mixture on top, but I found that this ends up tasting more like milk than coffee. We recommend adding a shot of espresso to the milk before putting the syrup-y mixture on top. While it won't necessarily look as pretty (you won't be able to clearly see the separation between your milk layer and your syrup layer!), it tastes much better.

dalgona coffee with an extra shot of expresso

So what's the verdict? Is it worth the hype?

Verdict: It's a nope from us. While the coffee definitely has a fluffier texture at the top, it tastes the same as any iced latte or cappuccino with milk foam and sugar. What matters more than the texture of the foam at the top is the quality of the beans you have. The additional work to fluff this on your own is not worth it. In the future, we'll be making a classic iced latte.

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